Our Story - SportsGiftsDirect.co.uk

We are a family run business, SportsGiftsDirect.co.uk launched on a chilly January morning back in 2017, It was our second website after launching Gifts24-7.co.uk two years earlier, It's been exciting, frustrating, and hard work.


You get the highest highs and the lowest lows, sometimes both before breakfast, It can be lonely having the pleasure of working from home a lot of the time, So what better company than a four legged friend.

So we started to foster dogs helping save more of them from unnecessary mistreatment or destruction for a leading dog charity. We seem to get all the post op, palliative care or dogs that just aren’t cut out for kennels, because we are able to give them 24-7 love and support. We also provide all the food etc for the dogs and not rely on the charity to provide these.

So by making a purchase from our website you are not helping a bunch of greedy share holders etc purchase a new villa in the Algarve, You are helping us to keep doing what we love best to offer love and support to the dogs we care for until they find their forever home.......

Click on the paw above to view our Fostering page on Facebook.


We pride ourselves on working with some of the UK's leading suppliers to offer you an ever expanding product range, We are looking forward to the future as we seek new suppliers.



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